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Case Study 1

Dorothy and the team undertook a complex investigation for us where we just couldn’t see a way forward, no matter what the outcome. However, they identified the key issues, analysed these in relation to allegations, individuals, policies and ways of working and prepared a report that allowed us to see a way forward whilst addressing the issues in a fair and robust manner… They brought great value to a very difficult situation and contributed a lot more than we expected.

The Challenge

A company (in the private sector) received an anonymous complaint through their whistleblowing mechanisms accusing three, very senior members of staff, of bullying, sexual harassment and sexist behaviour.

Given the seriousness of the complaint, the seniority level of the staff involved and the potential risk of reputational damage, they decided to commission an independent company to carry out an investigation.

Their lawyer recommended Dorothy McKinney Ltd – we submitted an investigation proposal to the company, which they accepted.

The Background

Before working with Dorothy McKinney Ltd, the company had been trying to deal with issues relating to ‘acceptable’ behaviour for quite some time. Therefore, given the nature of the anonymous complaint, they were concerned that their attempts to deal with these issues had been in vain.

The company had no prior experience of conducting an extensive investigation so, in addition to commissioning an independent company to carry out an investigation for them; they also needed guidance on investigation best practice.

Case Study 2

This organisation wanted to improve organisational performance as well as ensure that staff were aligned to the values and goals of the organisation.

We worked with the Board of Directors, Senior Managers and the Staff Team using our ‘Beyond Staff Engagement Tool’ to support the following;

  • A review of values and goals and what they meant to the organisation, teams, individual staff and clients
  • Undertook a team diagnostic and development session to identify levels of staff engagement, what actions were needed of staff and managers to improve levels as well as establishing priorities moving forward
  • Reviewed their performance management system and processes and trained staff on their use
  • Undertook training with the senior team on their role in managing conflict and undertaking difficult and/or coaching conversations
  • Provided coaching support for senior staff
  • Undertook a workshop with all staff on the impact of alignment with values and goals on them, their team and their clients.

Initial outcomes are really positive and the diagnostic tool will be run again as often as needed to measure changes in engagement levels and enable the organisation to continue to move forward positively.

Case Study 3

We were asked to investigate allegations of bullying.

We interviewed eight members of the organisation’s staff and reviewed a significant amount of paperwork. The resulting report addressed each of the issues in a robust manner, which, in turn helped the individual to understand the impact of their behaviour and the manager to make an informed decision on outcome.

The outcome of this was that the behaviour changed and staff involved were able to re-establish working relationships.

Case Study 4

We worked with a company where two senior managers were not getting on.

The situation escalated to the level where they were unable to talk to each other without high levels of stress and anxiety.

In this case we undertook a mediation process with them over the period of a day.

This supported them to understand each other’s workplace needs and how they were impacting on each other. We went back after three months to support them to reflect on how successful the mediation had been and whether there was any further mediation required.

We were very pleased to hear that both managers were working well together and needed no further input from us.

Case Study 5

We were asked to investigate allegations of misconduct relating to three employees.

We undertook a detailed investigation and produced reports relating to each of the employees.

We identified, as per the Terms of Reference, that there was a case to answer relating to two of the employees.

The two employees were later dismissed by the organisation for gross misconduct. The investigation report stood up to the test of an internal appeal process and an Employment Tribunal.

workplace investigations

when you need us

You have received a grievance, complaint, dignity @work claim etc. or there has been an incident at work where you need to properly establish what has happened, what actions if any need taken and you need to move forward for the best interests of the people involved and your business

You don’t have the capacity or capability to undertake this yourself or you need independence due to others in your organisation being already involved in the case in some way

what we do for you

You will get a report which is proportionate to the seriousness of the issue/s, covering the evidence gathered, any breaches of policies or procedures, conclusions on each allegation and where there has been a grievance recommendation for resolution and any learning identified

benefit to you

You will receive a report which supports you to clearly see what you need to do next, which holds its own in relation to appeals and other proceedings,
the highest level of independence which is critical particularly when the issues are complex and the knowledge that you and your issues are safe with us